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Postby Bison » Dec Wed 03, 2014 3:34 pm

Welcome To EFX
If you are new to the site there are a few things that you need to know.

We recommend FireFox, Chrome or Safari browsers this site was built for and tested with them, we won't guarantee any other browser will work, sorry.

New Members will not be able to vote on contests or events or leave comments in any of the other site forum sections until you have made the mandatory Introduction post to introduce yourself to the site.

New Members who do not make a introduction post within 24 hours will have their accounts treated as possible spam accounts and thus be deleted, this is a automated purge function.

All posts must be in "ENGLISH" or they might be deleted solely at our discretion or whim as the case maybe and without prior or subsequent notice of said action.

Check your Messages Daily if an Admin sends you a message and you fail to reply in a timely fashion your account will be disabled until you do.

Subscribers or active contributing members can make requests in the Requests Forum only, if you can't access that forum, then you don't have permission to make requests on this site. So don't make requests anywhere else, if you do you will be treated as a SPAMer and that's not good.

All users MUST read and adhere to the Site Rules

Subscribers or active contributing members of the site will have access to Download Full Sized High Resolution Print Ready versions of the files.

Members who choose to purchase a subscription will have access to Download Full Sized High Resolution Print Ready versions of the files for the duration of their Subscription.

We offer Lifetime VIP Subscriptions as well a fixed length expiring subscriptions.

Mass Downloading is Not Allowed, excessive downloading, meaning any amount beyond reasonable personal use will result in your download privileges being suspended and or canceled.

Subscriptions will be terminated without refund if you abuse downloads in any way or violate any site rules.

You may purchase a subscription by clicking HERE

Free Access
If you are a artist, scanner or resource contributor you are encouraged to upload some of your work for gallery approval, once you have established yourself as a quality uploader and have reached a minimum level of site participation the staff will flag you for a Group Membership upgrade this will allow you free download access based on a reasonable upload download ratio of 10-1 if you download more than 10 items for every item uploaded by you, then your download access maybe be at our discretion be suspended or terminated.

See this post EFX Member Groups for requirements on the different Group memberships here at EFX you must be in one of them or be a Subscriber to have access to Full Sized Cover Art or Resource Gallery Files.

If your new to the scene and are unsure if your work will be accepted feel free to post some examples of your work in the Design Discussions the staff here will provide you with feedback if any changes are needed.

Known artists (you know who you are) need not Prove yourselves simply upload your work, then as soon as you meet the minimum quantity for a group membership you will be upgraded.

If your membership is upgraded you will be expected to upload on a regular basis, to maintain that status.

Upgraded memberships will be revoked due to inactivity and or rules violations.

Guidelines now located in each Gallery you will see a link at the top of each gallery homepage menu called Guidelines.

Here are some quick links for you I suggest you read them if you plan to upload, because Failure To Follow these guidelines will result in your upload privileges being suspended.

CoverArt Gallery Guidelines

Resource Gallery Guidelines

1. As a registered user you will not be able to send messages to anyone except Administrators that will not change unless you are upgraded.

2. Don't ask current members here to download and send you covers or resources that you can't download due to you not being an active member or subscriber, if we find that has happened we will ban both accounts, you will get banned just for asking even if the member you asked does not send it, the ban will be immediate and there will be no warnings, so don't do it, you have all been warned.

3. Blatant violations of any site policy can result in your membership being immediately terminated and/or your subscription canceled if one exists.
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