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Guidelines And Rules For Uploads To This Gallery

Attention: Upload Guidelines have changed please read them all.

We no longer allow uploading of Posters, Stills or Promo images to the resource gallery.

#1 Rule SEARCH the resource gallery 'BEFORE' you post a new item, make sure it's not already here. If you are posting a item that exists but your new item is of higher quality make sure you note that in the description else it may get deleted don't assume we will check, it's your responsibility to make us aware.

Make sure you upload items into the correct albums, failing to do this may result in that upload being delete, we are not here to clean up behind you.

Insure the title is correct from IMDb and the year must be included in () after the title with a one space gap, this is required, example Safe (2012) this is not optional, non-compliance will result in uploads being deleted, we are not here to look this info up for you.

If you post items that are already here (see rule #1 above), we will delete all uploads you currently have pending after we find the first duplicate, we will not check behind you file by file, repeat offenders will be banned from uploading at all, you have been warned.

IMAGES meaning -- backgrounds should be about 4000px to be useful for cover art, stock images should be at least 2500px but bigger is always better and remember big does not mean quality, for that you have to look at it, there are no mathematical formulas or numerical ratings to determine quality, so we will decide if it is or is not good enough or needed, over compressed images will be deleted.

Title Treatments & Credits must be at least 1500px on the longest side but again with the quality of items out there today, many are typically between 3000px and 5000px so again bigger is better, TT's & Credits must always be on a transparent background, for size reasons the preferred format is PNG it's easiest for you to upload, quality is as high as any format except uncompressed.

**We will accept PSD, TIF, EPS formats on some things like titles, credits, logos etc but they must be rar'ed or zip'ed to shrink them, then posted and have a custom preview PNG added per item after, also the description "must" clearly state what is included in the archive.

Templates must be in PSD format with editable layers, see ** above for the specific uploading requirements.

Stock Renders or Film Character Renders must be at least 1500px on the longest side - in PNG format - with a Transparent Background only.

Logos must be at least 600px on the longest side if PNG - all must be on a Transparent Background -- if EPS there are no size restrictions but see ** above for the specific uploading requirements.

We might make exceptions for these sizes based on our judgment or IF the item is requested and it's for something older and a large format item is simply not available for it but check with a staff member first.

You must select a type from the drop-down for each upload, the default for JPG's will be Stock Image this will be correct in most cases but YOU are required to verify it on each item and make sure it is correct.

Note: Generic or any other items we deem to have No Merit will be deleted without notice -- even if they meet the minimum requirements of size and quality -- please don't waste our time with junk uploads in attempts to gain access.

If you are unsure on anything then ask "before" you upload.

Thanks for supporting EFX with your uploads.